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Our Story

All in the Family,
Thai 202

We're a food-loving family, and when it comes to cooking, the Lee household is a powerhouse. But the crown for the top chef goes to Saiyud Lee, the owner of Thai 202. She's the heart of our family-run restaurant.


From Bangkok to 
St. Louis, MO...

Mrs. Lee started her culinary journey in Bangkok, learning from her mom. In the 80s, she made the move to Chicago, where she gained valuable experience in the restaurant scene. Notably, she helped manage the kitchen at Arun's in the 90s, the only Thai restaurant to win a James Beard award at that time.

Afterwards, Mrs. Lee and her family teamed up to open Erawan, another fantastic dining spot near Downtown Chicago. She later ventured to St. Louis, opening the Blue Elephant, and eventually, Thai 202 in Central West End where she finally settled down and make it her permanent home. 

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